WinRelay STUDIO 

Electrical Design & Simulation

With WinRelay STUDIO, you can design and realistically simulate your electrical, pneumatic and automation diagrams, as well as synoptic views, with a single software package.

WinRelay STUDIO is available in PREMIUM and EXPERT versions.

With over 500 IEC and NEMA compliant simulatable symbols, the WinRelais STUDIO SIMULATOR lets you test and validate your circuits.  


Main features :
  • All the features of WinRelais PREMIUM or EXPERT are available
  • Taking into account the electrical parameters of the components
  • Interaction with the control devices
  • Short circuit test
  • Displays current, voltage and power measurements
  • Animation of electrical symbols and conductors
  • Animation of synoptic views
  • Simulation of ATV type variable speed drive
  • Simulation of objects with physical motor
  • Drawing of curves and chronograms
  • MODBUS/TCP IP communication interface with manufacturer software (EcoStruxure, Unity PRO, Codesys)
  • ZOOM with image displacement on the screen
  • Full screen display
  • Simulation of 32 folios
  • Light, dark or grayscale display modes

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